yesterday my dad arrived with a bag full with chocolate.......

 Qing Ming
I just got a exhausted day.
My aunt woke me up at 6 o'clock to get ready to celebrate qing ming festival. It's the time of the year you have to honour your ancestors and those who passed away in your dad's family.
I learnt a lot about this tradition.

First we went to the cemetery, it's really far away from where i live, because i fell asleep in the car and woke up surrounded by hills covered by hundreds of tomb stone, all engraved in chinese....
You can imagine, how sinister that moment was.
We went to the temple, put some incenses for the underground god, then we visited my greatgrandmother's grave, my grandfather's cousin, his brother, my father's cousin (who died very young as result of a traffic accident), my grandfather, my grandmother, then I-Poh ( something to do with wife of the second brother/cousin) and my uncle.
For each grave, we put some food, 3 cups of tea and 3cups of white wine in front of the tombstone, and we also put some food for the "hou shi", some kind of guard/servant for the deceased ones. We spread some white papers on his grave, according to my cousin this paper let them walk "free" around. Everbody has to put some incense. 9 for each grave, 3 for the "hou shi". The remaining incense, you can put around the grave or put some at near random graves. Then one by one everyone has to kneel in front of the tombstone, pour gentle some of each cup on the ground, first the 3 cups of tea followed by white wine.
Finally we have to burn some "sacrafice money", after that we cleaned it up and go to the next grave

After each grave, i was soaking wet. Not only because of the sun, but the burning of the sacrafice money makes me sweat too.
And  i just got back..... i think i go for a run, it's still cloudy..

forget to mention
i also understand the importance of having a son in the chinese family. You can only honour your father's family, only the sons
have to fill their duties, not the daughters. That is also why my married cousin didn't show up, because once you're a married
girl, you're not only married to your husband but also married to his whole family.


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