second day m'sia

Let me describe my day. Well woke up without protest at 7 o'clock, brushed my teeth and saw my aunt walking towards the house from her daily promenade ,I said i want to go for a run, but the problem was i don't have any key to open the door and the gate, so she opened it for me. In malaysia they have a strong habit to use a locker to close the door and they always close the door even though you're inside and the outside gate is locked too.

So I ran for 20minutes, in the end i was sweating like i was running for one hour, it was that humid. i was very lucky that the sun wasn't at her highest. Then i tried to sprint 3times 75-100 metres, i can't calculate the distant very well but i timed it. each sprint took approximately 25sec.


then i stretched a little,but i got frustrated because of the continously sweat, i decided to take a shower. After the shower, my aunt who just took her granddaughter to kindergarten, got back home. So together we went to the office of my dad and my uncle. My dad used to be and still is a electrician. He and his brother own a company called "Fong Brother Elektrik...." (followed by malaysian words...)


I had breakfast with my uncle, aunt and their youngest son. Oh my god, I ordered Laksa, it's a bowl of noodles with fish eggs, tofu, wanton and the sauce with a particular spice.

After the breakfast, i accompanied my aunt to the local market, took a lot of pictures, and my aunt keep calling me crazy, because she doesn't think a trivial object is interesting enough to be taken a photoshoot from.
The market is located near the parental old house, i used to live there for 3 summers, but my uncle and aunt bought the new house, leaving my second uncle and his son in the old house.
Last year my second uncle died, because it was his time to go. I never said goodbye to him, nor did my dad, but he was there for his funeral though. I was so strange for me to enter the house without seeing my uncle. Not that i have a sentimental attachment to him or anything, but everytime i go to malaysia, he was always there with his peaceful smile. Now his smile is only viewed on his potrait hung on the wall, right next to my deceased grandparents.

then my aunt was asked to take the granddaughters of her sister to school, yes there was a lot of driving going on, thank god airconditioning exists.
These girls I have known them since I was eleven. It was so strange to see them, walking into the puberty fase, having zips on their faces and seeiing them how much they have grown, how much they have changed and how i can still easily recognise their child faces years ago

At 12 O'clock , she picked up her granddaughter from school, had a chat with her sister and finally we got home! I was so tired, took a nap even though there's construction going on where they eagerly use a horn drill.

After the nap, i tried to get on internet, but because of the rainy weather i had to wait 4-5 hours to get a decent connection.

Before dinner, i stretched yay :)

Tomorrow my dad will arrive in the morning, i have to wake up early in the morning to see him. it's been a while since i saw my old man.


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