27 february

dear all,

as you might know, I spent the last few days in shanghai, ningbo and putuoshan.

I'm writing this in English on my foreign friends' account, in other words I'm too terrified to repeat those dreadful days ( i don't want to explain it all over again, go international!) .

this scary Shanghai story includes screeching slithering-tongued service crew, dry-preserved duck's tongued, bisotted buddhist, reluctantless rain,....

this is not a bedtime story that offers you cousy comfort, disconnect from internet while you can, I would, but i'm forced to write this down for myself.

Sorry for the “Lemoney Snickett” -introduction (love his books, i know it's just childrens' book)

this is what we did.

Our way to Shanghai

our train to shanghai was at 8 O'clock, due to the traffic jam and we set out a “little” bit too late, we -suprisingly- missed our train.

The next train was leaving in 10 minutes, so we rushed with another passenger, who also missed her train, to change our tickets. Because we missed our train, we also lost our comfortable sleepers and were forced to stand in the overcrowded seat's class where only the early birds could get a seat. Somehow my mum miracuously pulled some strings to get a seat for me and a sleeper for her. Although I only slept for 4 hours and my shoulders were hurting, I was really grateful to have a seat when I looked at the passengers who have to endure standing for 11hours.

First day

we arrived 6 in the morning. We went to a travel agency to get more information about hotels and sightseeiing. Took a cap, the cap got lost...omg...finally manage to find our hotel, checked in, dropped our stuff and hitted to the city center.

We saw those old houses still used for tourist and commercial purpose. (see my pictures), ate in a vegetarian restaurant, had a mother-daughter conversation (read: argument).
Hitted back to our hotel, checked out, because my mum wanted to go to putuoshan through ningbo, so we had to take the train at 1:23 in the morning...omg

second day

another day with four hours sleep, so exhausted i was. My mum had a high energy drive, i was really cranky due to the lack of sleep. We arrived at 6 o'clock, took some busses and boats to get to putuoshan. A lot of pelgrims were there on that day.

Stayed there for a night, ate hotpot, got also annoyed by the chinese service. I went to this internet bar nearby, didn't understand how the system worked, asked the receptionist and he referred i have to read the signboard...( i can read characters, but didn't know how to apply in situation like this), asked again, he referred again, said i couldn't read, he referred to another receptionist who was sweet talking with her boyfriend...for fuck sake...

Third day

woke up at 6 to catch the train to shanghai. Another 5 hours driving. Relaxed for the rest of the day. Also the first time i saw raindrops falling from the sky in months. Ate juicy dumplings hmmm, duck's tongue (?) and ate in “honeymoon restaurant” where they serve sweet Chinese dishes like sweet balls, ...

Fourth day
we took part of a tourist group, saw the big “woow” and “aaah” places. (see pictures) In the evening took the train (first class sleeper) back home and some guy was standing on my right twisted ankle.


  • hard to get a cap elsewhere than beijing: you have to wait for several minutes, while in Beijing there is a overpopulation of taxis

  • In Shanghai, they use more coins even for 1yuan, while in Beijing they give more 1 yuan briefnote

  • Beijinghua=pirate language, Shanghaihua= half-slithering language, Cantonese= tongue-clicking language

  • Half the city is under construction

  • more smaller and old houses in Shanghai

  • food is good in shanghai

  • don't like the weather in shanghai (= rainy and windy)


mum went shopping a lot, discovered a shop where they tailor clothes for a really cheap price ( 18kuai for a pair of pants) and where they sell cheap fabrics (50kuai per meter) , was also shocked when the tailor said she could get fabrics cheaper (20kuai per meter).

She also tricked me to have a treatment to still my temper, (i have too much fire...?) because i thought we were going for a foot massage....

visited tiananmen, gugong, wangfujin, xidan,...

she returned back yeterday...i'm so tired of all the travelling and the lack of sleep...sigh

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